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> I enjoy answering questions, but if you've got a copy of finished
> product in your hands when you ask a question, you're already way ahead
> of me, because it will take me time to call up that item and even begin
> a conversation. It should also be noted that I actually oversee many
> vaults across the nation, so roaming the stacks would involve luggage
> and an airplane.
Well, using your copy of the Capitol recording ledgers (I assume you
or the firm has those...?) as a "for example"...

Looking at those, either the on-paper originals or a digital database
based thereon, it would be possible to establish:

1) The order in which various numeric groups were used...

2) The date when any given recording was made (and, probably,
issued if that is significantly later)...

3) The take(s) used for issue (may or may not be there)...

4) The titles of any recordings cut which were deemed as unsuitable
for issue (a standard discography includes both issued and unissued
recordings for a given artist, genre, usw.)...

Given my fascination with digital discography, such items are
important (if only to me and a few others)...

Steven C. Barr
(It could be worse...I could be asking you if you could issue
the recordings made by my blues band...?!)