I have here a tape that is labelled Side A of an LP, tape box says Sonet, which I assume is the 
label. It's a Dizzy Gillespie album, I'm guessing from the mid-70's based on the recording style and 
playing quality. It's Dizzy, not in prime form, a very good sax player, piano, bass and drums. Side 
A songs are:

Groovin' High
Blues N Boogie

These are NOT the original bebop era songs, but mid-70's remakes. Running times are 8-10 minutes 

No tape in the stack for side B and no other info on the tape box (these tapes were given to me by a 
jazz fan who I think frequented music libraries back in the day and made tapes of a lot of LPs).

I could find no information on this album at All Music. I believe Dizzy was under contract to Pablo 
throughout the 70's but none of these songs show up on his Pablo studio albums of that era. Could 
this have been an album briefly released in England or France?

Any further info on the album would be great. I'd love to know the other players, particularly the 
sax guy. And what songs were on side B.

-- Tom Fine