There is definitely a vinyl fringe among the youngsters. I see them in used record shops I prowl. 
Most of them seem interested in 70's and early 80's punk and new wave, but I had a great 
conversation with a high school kid right behind me going thru the jazz stacks. He knew his stuff 
and was looking for specific items that actually have good collector value. There was an older guy 
also sifting the jazz stacks and he must have been very amused by the whole thing since he was the 
only one of us who was actually alive when most of the records were new.

To the kids of the CD era who still crave the grooved disk I say, more power to you and may you spin 
on-speed and with few scratches.

-- Tom Fine

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> No clue,I just run into them at the flea market and record shows a lot.I know this guy who comes 
> to the flea market,with his son,the son is about twelve,and is a bigger vinyl nut than the dad,so 
> some of it may be parents.I recall a photo that ran in Goldmine,from about 1989,of a guy reading 
> Goldmine to his baby,with a caption of "Start "em young,and start "em right.".
> This site
> is run by a guy who is about 20,21, who lives in Holland,and is devoted entirely to pre-1956 
> Lps,and a few 78s.Apparently the pickings are much better over there,than here in the picked over 
> US,or even in neighboring countries,like Germany or France.Don't forget vinyl never went away.The 
> underground/indie vinyl scene has been big continually since the late 70s.This helps fuel interest 
> in rock/r&b.Hip hop has always been all about the vinyl.
>                                    Roger
> "D. Blake Werts" <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Are you seeing an influx of younger collectors? 
> If so, the question is
> indeed a very good one!  Where/how are they coming from?
> - Blake
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>> Makes you wonder where all those 20 something classical vinyl collectors I
> see came from...
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