I received the email below (below) that I can't answer. Does anybody 
know if there are other Civil War soldiers besides Polk Miller who later 
made recordings?

An interesting question. Reply to me or the list and I will forward to 
the individual.

David Seubert


You have several recordings by Polk Miller.   Miller, a great favorite 
of Mark Twain, and a now all but forgotten once major American 
musician,  may be best remembered for the pet products he produced for 
his dog "Sergeant."  "Sergeant's" is still a best selling brand after 
over a century.
Miller was a Confederate soldier, took his banjo along to war, and 
served in the same Batteries as my great grandfathers.   
You have a copy of his singing "The Bonnie Blue Flag"; which with 
"Dixie"  comprised  The South's two most popular National Songs.
Surely he  played this song hundreds of times in camp (See Ted Turner's 
cameo comment in *Gods and Generals.),*   along  the road to Gettysburg 
etc.  Surely my ancestors, whose saving his obituary etc. reflects a 
friendship,  heard him regularly. .  
It brings The War close to today.  
But I wonder is this the only surviving rendition of one of the 
two major Southern hymns, by a Confederate Soldier?
Is this the only surviving recording of a Civil War Song made by a 
participant on either side?
There are millions of relics of The War, but I never thought there would 
be an audible one.