We're using the STIL cases to enclose our gold preservation CD-Rs.  As
Richard notes, for this purpose we don't need a way to keep an insert with
the disc.  However, when we were pooling our collective departmental
resources to purchase a skid of the cases, the UGA music collections
librarian opted out, since he needed a good way to keep the tray insert in
the case, and the STIL case clearly falls short here (although I think it's
fair to say that given their focus on preservation they probably thought
this was a minor consideration -- maybe they'll rethink it...)

Regarding labeling, we write our ID number on the spine, and put a
foil-backed label with more info on the front of the case.  I'm finding this
works really well.



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At 09:28 AM 2007-02-08, Martin Fisher wrote:
>Wonder if all designers/suppliers of alternative CD storage devices go 
>home and trash or chop up their own tray cards or other graphics??
>The only practical solutions I've seen are made from pvc which is 
>thought to be detrimental to CDs.

Hello, Martin,

That is a good point, but I think the STiL case has many advantages for
people making CD-Rs which don't often come with tray cards or inserts (at
least the ones I make don't usually come with the paper).

Besides, with gold CD-Rs offering an allegedly 5-8 X life expectancy over
manufactured CDs, this case might be useful for that.

I have been looking at the STiL cases and while they are intriguing, I have
not had (m)any standard jewel cases trashed by shipping (I've received no



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