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Me, I'm going to grease...and swim the English Channel.

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recordings of their Work

>> This came across on the Association of Moving Image archivists email
>> and I thought the ARSC and Ampex list members might be able to help
>> I know there are Old-Time-Radio lists and while Firesign Theatre is
>> Old-Old-Time, it's getting on to forty years if there are
>> lists out there, please forward. This is a shame that this wasn't
>> I know we can't save everything, but...
>> For those unfamiliar with Firesign Theatre, I first heard them in
>> and found their humour and satire amazing--but I only know them
>> their released recordings.
> I was just listening to "Shakespeare's Lost Comedie" the other day.
> I love the Firesign Theater so much that I've named all my hard
> after characters from their records.
> I had the privilege  to see them live on their 25th anniversary tour,
> still have my souvenier pickle and brown paper bag to prove it.
> Hard to believe that was 15 years ago..
> -Matt "He's no fun, he fell right over" Sohn