Richard L. Hess wrote:
> This came across on the Association of Moving Image archivists email 
> list and I thought the ARSC and Ampex list members might be able to help 
> out. I know there are Old-Time-Radio lists and while Firesign Theatre is 
> not Old-Old-Time, it's getting on to forty years if there are 
> other lists out there, please forward. This is a shame that this wasn't 
> saved. I know we can't save everything, but...
> For those unfamiliar with Firesign Theatre, I first heard them in 1969 
> and found their humour and satire amazing--but I only know them through 
> their released recordings.
> Please keep copying Nan Rubin so she knows where the query is going.

Rambling note - trash without regret:

I was volunteering at KPFK when Firesign tore up their hall one night 
preparing an album. I shot the event on Leicas and made monochrome 
prints for the Folio, the station's program magazine. A few years later, 
I came close to discarding the pages of uncut slides, but figured some 
day I'd find a way to get them to the remains of the troupe.

About a year ago, a friend suggested how I could find them and I was 
able to send the pictures along. Unfortunately, toting the cameras meant 
no audio recording, so my contribution has already been made.

Now, *that* session was a unique experience.

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