>I am a bit unclear on exactly what they are looking for over at AMI. I
> am big FT fan as well and aside from the eight radio LP's that David 
> Lennick mentioned is there something else they are trying to locate?
> Aaron Levinson


Firesign collectors - got something in your collection that Firesign's never 
officially released? Something taped off the radio, captured from TV, or 
bootlegged from a live performance? Firesign is embarking on a passel of CD 
reissues, featuring some long-buried treasure from their archives, and 
unfortunately that archive has holes. If you've got something we need, 
Chucko, there may be some simoleons in it for ya. (No promises on how much.)

We're especially looking for:
        a.. Radio Free Oz airchecks
        b.. Magic Mushroom radioplays
        c.. The Les Crane Show, 1968
        d.. Unedited Radio Hour Hour airchecks
        e.. Unedited Dear Friends airchecks
        f.. About a Week, 1971

Got something? Tell us about it. Give as many details as you can, including 
date, venue, channel, duration, your source media, how you recorded it, and 
particularly if this is a dub or a master. Be sure to include your name, 
email, and general geographic area.

If you have audio, we'll probably be asking you for a sixty-second MP3 
sample; or if you have video we'll be asking for screenshots.