You might do better with a lossless format if the audio is of high quality. If it's midling to low 
quality source audio, 192kbps MP3 is more than enough for anyone listening on an iPod. I'd keep a 
hard drive with all the original WAV files so it's super-easy if a lossy-compressed file gets lost 
or corrupted. Hard drive space is cheap. Archival CDs are also cheap. Labor to transfer is 

-- Tom Fine

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Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2007 3:39 PM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] Listening Copy

We are in the midst of transferring collection material into archival and listening formats. While I 
continue to retain two gold discs as archival format, I wanted to nix the idea of using a CD for the
listening format. Instead, I would transfer the WAV file into an MP3 and house all those listening 
on an iPod for our end-users.
Is this audio archival transgression? Do we need to use CDs as a listening copy, or can an MP3
suffice. I'm trying to cut down on space and costs.
Your collective wisdom would be most helpful.

Farris Wahbeh
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