Farris Wahbeh wrote:
> List, 
> We are in the midst of transferring collection material into archival and listening formats. While I will 
> continue to retain two gold discs as archival format, I wanted to nix the idea of using a CD for the 
> listening format. Instead, I would transfer the WAV file into an MP3 and house all those listening files 
> on an iPod for our end-users. 
> Is this audio archival transgression? Do we need to use CDs as a listening copy, or can an MP3 
> suffice. I'm trying to cut down on space and costs. 
> Your collective wisdom would be most helpful. 

As a consumer, not a creator or archivist, I applaud your choice. I 
question the use of the iPod as the player only because it seems more 
costly than alternatives with no justifying advantage, but the idea of 
using a lossy format for listening is sound.

After all, that's what many users are doing today even when they have 
the source available.

Before committing to the effort, you should identify the specific format 
preferred: MP3, WMA, etc.; bitrates for monaural and stereo material. 
The tradeoff of storage against quality of approximation must be made in 
view of your expected audience and the availability of a secondary 
source (e.g., CD-DA) to complement this tertiary one.

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