I apologize.  I need to clarify.

I am asking about the sleeves ("bag") that are used to store the LP jacket
with the actual record inside the jacket (or outside the jacket but still in
the "bag" to prevent damage to the cardboard LP covers).  I didn't mean to
start a discussion about the inner record sleeves.  Sorry...

D. Blake Werts

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> I can vouch that some plastic inner sleeves leach some sort of nasty
residue onto LPs. For instance,
> a while back I bought a load of original-pressing Pablo records from the
late 70's thru mid 80's,
> still wrapped in plastic. Most had paper inner sleeves but the Pablo
Digital issues had
> plastic-lined inner sleeves. In a few cases, not all cases though, the
plastic inner sleeve was
> firmly attached to the record. I could carefully peel it off but there was
a residue that did not
> come off with VPI treatment, including with a liquid containing
isopropynol. The net result was
> noisy surfaces, not groove distortion but really noisy surfaces. I can't
understand why some of
> those records had this problem but not others. All were from the same
defunct record shop and all
> had been warehoused under similar conditions.
> Plastics -- unstable chemistry by definition.
> As a result of this experience, I avoid replacing inner sleeves with
plastic. I handle my records
> carefully and store them carefully and have not had any issues using
smooth paper inner sleeves.
> -- Tom Fine
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> > D. Blake Werts wrote:
> >> This talk about the storage of CDs and LPs has me thinking...  Are
there any
> >> known issues with the storage of LPs in "plastic" bags?  I have been
> >> some of the nice re-sealable sleeves made available through Far West
> >> Supply (polypropylene?) and wondered if I will be causing damage in the
> >> term with these?
> >>
> >> Any advice or experience that you can offer?
> >>
> >> Thanks Much!
> >> D. Blake Werts
> >
> > It depends on the plastic.
> >
> > We 'spoke' some time ago about plasticizer leaching out of some plastics
to clog the LP grooves.
> > Even a light coating is lethal and it cannot be removed without etching
the vinyl. I've several
> > old European EMIs that died that unfortunate death.
> >
> > Mike
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