Thank you for your replies. The discs have 70 speeches and radio 
addresses of a past political figure (I do not know if I have to be 
secretive, but just in case. No one famous). They all have metal cores.

I did what I should have done before I posted, and searched the ARSCList 
archives, which led me to Looks like the 
best thing will be sleeves in boxes, as usual.

The foil sleeves in which they are now do seem pretty good, however. 
There was no imprinting on the discs, and most of them were in good 
shape. The sleeves are probably these:


Tom Fine wrote:
> Hi Marcos:
> If you don't mind me asking, what's on 'em?
> As to your question, my brother has quite a few transcriptions, both 
> metal-core and glass-core from WWII. He stores them in the old-style 
> heavy paper sleeves and then in the old-style metal boxes that hold I 
> think 25 each. He's had them at least 25 years and they were given to 
> him in that condition and were about 25-30 years old at the time, so 
> this storage method seems OK over time.
> -- Tom Fine
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Storing 16" transcription discs
>> Dear all,
>> I am currently surveying a collection of 1950s 16" transcription
>> discs. They have been stored flat in foil-lined paper sleeves and
>> are generally in pretty good shape.
>> I have two questions for those with the knowledge:
>> 1. Are there storage concerns specific for 16-inchers? Does their
>> extra mass affect the recommendation for vertical storage (for
>> example, shelving with dividers closer together)?
>> 2. Is anyone familiar with foil-lined sleeves? I have not seen any
>> imprinting or other problems with the discs, but is there concern
>> of outgassing or any other problems? Would you recommend something
>> a little stiffer?
>> Thank you in advance to all of you.
>> Marcos
>> Marcos Sueiro Bal
>> Audio/Moving Image Project Archivist
>> Columbia University Libraries