and the address to send such $$ to is?

If you are going to make a shameless plug, please be complete.


David Lennick wrote:
> And if anyone wants his great performance of the Concerto in F (first 
> one in public in 5 years, I believe) at the 1937 Gershwin Memorial 
> Concert, I'm the guy who put it out on  CD 8 or 9 years ago. I still 
> have a few copies left. This is the entire concert as broadcast on CBS, 
> 150 minutes, not the edited version that came out on a pirate Italian 
> CD. $20 + $4 shipping for the 2-CD set. Pardon the shameless plug.
> dl
> Karl Miller wrote:
>> The only other Levantophile, probably more devoted to Oscar than I is 
>> Michael Feinstein. Many years ago Michael made some dubs of lacquers 
>> of Oscar's music...some of which is pretty good.
>>      Over the years I have acquired many recordings of broadcast 
>> performances of his and I believe I have copies of all of his 
>> commercial recordings. Feel free to contact me off list if you want 
>> copies.
>>      Karl (also 59 and Oscar and I share the same birthday...not the 
>> same year however)
>> Darlene Brandt <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>   In searching for available recordings of Oscar Levant, I came upon a 
>> question asked about his opera, Carnaval, on ARSCLIST, and in 
>> following the correspondence, found that someone mentioned that he had 
>> recordings of Levant and asked if anyone were interested in Levant.
>> I have been interested in Oscar Levant's music and recordings since 
>> the age of 5, (I'm 59) but there is very little I can find. I am 
>> especially looking for his recording of the Grieg Piano Concerto. 
>> Anyone else a Levantphile?
>> :)--Darlene
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