And according to the list here,many of his (Levant's)works remain either unrecorded,or were not released commercially.


Darlene Brandt <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Karl, I didn't know he performed the Honegger Concertino.  I would be very interested in finding that recording!  The website you cited was most helpful. Thanks!

Karl Miller  wrote:
  While we are on the subject of Oscar, does anyone out there have the broadcast of his doing the Gershwin Concerto with Mitropoulos and the NY Phil, Reiner and Pittsburgh (I have Oscar conducting his Dirge from that concert) and the Shostakovich 2nd Concerto with Waxman? And, don't know if was broadcast, but his NY Phil debut where he played the Gershwin Second Rhapsody, Honegger Concertino and Khachaturian.

And for additional information on Oscar:


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