You know I'm really surprised that the complete Schwann catalogs have not been made avaliable on CD-ROM


Thomas Stern <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Hello Jack,
  That really puts a bracket on release date!!!  Many Thanks!
Best wishes, Thomas.

Jack Raymond wrote:

> The Two-Part Inventions on Stinson LP-26 is listed in the Feb 1950 
> Schwann but is not listed in the October 1949 Schwann.
> -- Jack Raymond
> Thomas Stern wrote:
>>  If you have Schwann catalogs earlier than May 1955, I'd appreciate
>>  knowing of earliest listing of a recording of BACH Two-Part
>>  Inventions performed by ERNO BALOGH on Stinson label. Any other
>>  Balogh on Stinson?

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