Karl Miller <[log in to unmask]> wrote:For me, even if one could bring back Toscanini, Furtwangler or Koussevitzky from the dead, they still wouldn't be worth that kind of money.

   Well,I would take issue with that.

  For me, the problem rests with those empowered with oversight. Boards tend to be populated by those who have enjoyed great success in business and naturally they will tend to trust those who, at the very least, share some similar measure of success. Unfortunately, it is can be far more difficult to measure success in the non-profit world and sadly Boards don't often see that there are differences. I was reminded of the recent obituary of the conductor Landau. In the obit, a quote from the President of the Board of one of the orchestras conducted by Landau was cited as a reason why Landau left the orchestra...the head of the board supposedly said something like the programming should be designed to attract donations. While there are no simple answers, one could assume, that the primary purpose of the organization was to raise money...but to what end? So it could raise more money? Is there ever enough money for a non-profit?
  Disgraceful? Yes, but for me, it is equally absurd and sad.
  Karl This article tells me,that The Smithsonian,is a microcosm,of what is wrong with the government,and has been since day one.I am a far left agorist libertarian,who believes we should be working towards a government-free society.That's right,anarchy folks.One belief we agorists share with greens,is the fact corporations are joined at the hip, with government,and have been since the founding of the nation There is a revolving door,between government,and corporation,that leads to corruption,and government of the corporation,by the corporation,and for the corporation. The Smithsonian is a government operation,70-75% of their funds come out of the public coffers.There have been oversight hearings roughly every three years,and they go nowhere.Government breeds cronyism, and nepotism.The only way to stop this sort of stuff,is to seek out alternative sources of funding,for
 something like The Smithsonian.Either that,or find out how European museums,who have been free of this sort of garbage do it,bring in a group of them,and completely clean house.
                                   Roger Kulp

"If you're not on somebody's watchlist,you're not doing your job"

                          Dave Von Kleist
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