I  agree.I would argue he's worth more than any CEO,Senator,or whatever the throwaway celebrity of the week,is.


Steven Smolian <[log in to unmask]> wrote: I've heard some wonderful performances from Levine.  Given what many 
corporate executives receive for underperformance, he is underpaid.

Steve Smolian

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languish in government warehouses

> James Levine supposedly makes over $3.5M a year, a combination of his 
> Boston and Met appointments. What does he bring that could possibly 
> justify the expense? For me, even if one could bring back Toscanini, 
> Furtwangler or Koussevitzky from the dead, they still wouldn't be worth 
> that kind of money.
>  For me, the problem rests with those empowered with oversight. Boards 
> tend to be populated by those who have enjoyed great success in business 
> and naturally they will tend to trust those who, at the very least, share 
> some similar measure of success. Unfortunately, it is can be far more 
> difficult to measure success in the non-profit world and sadly Boards 
> don't often see that there are differences. I was reminded of the recent 
> obituary of the conductor Landau. In the obit, a quote from the President 
> of the Board of one of the orchestras conducted by Landau was cited as a 
> reason why Landau left the orchestra...the head of the board supposedly 
> said something like the programming should be designed to attract 
> donations. While there are no simple answers, one could assume, that the 
> primary purpose of the organization was to raise money...but to what end? 
> So it could raise more money? Is there ever enough money for a non-proft?
>  Disgraceful? Yes, but for me, it is equally absurd and sad.
>  Karl
>  Tom Fine  wrote:
>  ****
> This guy is allegedly a "public servant." He should be fired and the 
> office put under very strict oversight, with the executive budget cut to 
> the bone. Someone wanting to get rich and live like a
> CEO doesn't belong in charge of the Smithsonian, or the LOC or any other 
> government institution. Such jobs are not for those in it for the rich and 
> famous living large life.
> No wonder so much audio material in the hands of the Smithsonian will 
> never be conveniently available to the public (public = owners and funders 
> of said museum). Disgraceful!
> -- Tom Fine
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