I still say eBay is the best source.Acoustic Sounds is not going to sell somebody like Jet,or Franz Ferdinand,last time I looked.


Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Hi Dave:

Here are a couple, both charge list or near list and both will send you a nice catalog full of eye 

Beware the "racks and racks" of audiophoolery but I've found both quick and reliable with shipping 
and returns/exchanges. Any returns I've had to make have been QC problems, mainly the fault of 
Classic Records. None of it has been the fault of the retailers but they handled customer care 
exactly as promised.

One of my fave used LP stores, the Bop Shop in Rochester NY, has some new LPs for sale, generally at 
or near list price.

As for reissue labels, I haven't had one bad experience with Analogue Productions. Their stuff is 
consistently great. The Classic Records mastering is usually first rate but as I've said, their 
manufacturing is not always (but I have always gotten un-gouged or scuffed copies in exchange, so 
apparently their manufacturer is capable of excellent work). Speakers Corner has an interesting and 
growing catalog. I was thrilled to see this record back out, from a new player in the UK, 
my original LP was unplayable, a garage sale purchase.

Reviews have been good for Warner Music's recent LPs, but I must say that I have a hard time with 
the main reviewers of LPs these days, as they seem caught up in audiophoolery and myths.

My usual caveat -- there's no reason an LP should sound better than a CD except for bad or 
primative/early CD mastering. Almost every LP I've bought new in the last 5 years was not out on CD 
(either out of print or never issued) or was done horribly on CD.

-- Tom Fine

-- Tom Fine

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> --- Roger and Allison Kulp  wrote:
>>  I know I am probably the only one here,who actively collects
>> select "contemporary" (post-1990) rock artists,and buys vinyl
>> exclusively.Vinyl never went away...
> So, where do you go to buy new LPs?  Do you have to order
> them through the mail, or are there places you can go
> to browse through them like in days of yore?
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