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phillip holmes <[log in to unmask]> wrote: I prefer musicdirect for price, but both seem to offer good service.  
Both are actively involved in their own reissue efforts (musicdirect 
owns Mobile Fidelity, if I remember correctly).  Tom, you know I'm one 
of those guys with the $5,000 vinyl front end and $500 CD setup.  I'm 
guilty of not giving equal effort to the format, but since I have WAY 
more records and don't want to spend that much converting to digital, 
I'd rather max out my record listening experience.  That, and I can't 
afford to spend any more money on equipment.  I prefer vinyl for the 
very high frequencies (I wish SACD and DVDA had made it).  I don't like 
Classic Records reissues most of the time.  They're too bright for my 
tastes and usually brighter than the original.  I prefer the mastering 
approach by Stan Ricker and Steve Hoffman--better bass, better surfaces, 
better maintained and alligned equipment, upgraded amps and mastering 
chain, but a record that still sounds like a much better version of the 
original.  Kind of like those great sounding white label promos and test 
pressings--first stampers, better vinyl, the best mastering engineer 
available to the label.

Tom Fine wrote:
> Hi Dave:
> Here are a couple, both charge list or near list and both will send 
> you a nice catalog full of eye candy:
> and
> Beware the "racks and racks" of audiophoolery but I've found both 
> quick and reliable with shipping and returns/exchanges. Any returns 
> I've had to make have been QC problems, mainly the fault of Classic 
> Records. None of it has been the fault of the retailers but they 
> handled customer care exactly as promised.
> One of my fave used LP stores, the Bop Shop in Rochester NY, has some 
> new LPs for sale, generally at or near list price.
> As for reissue labels, I haven't had one bad experience with Analogue 
> Productions. Their stuff is consistently great. The Classic Records 
> mastering is usually first rate but as I've said, their manufacturing 
> is not always (but I have always gotten un-gouged or scuffed copies in 
> exchange, so apparently their manufacturer is capable of excellent 
> work). Speakers Corner has an interesting and growing catalog. I was 
> thrilled to see this record back out, from a new player in the UK, 
> PurePleasure:
> my original LP was unplayable, a garage sale purchase.
> Reviews have been good for Warner Music's recent LPs, but I must say 
> that I have a hard time with the main reviewers of LPs these days, as 
> they seem caught up in audiophoolery and myths.
> My usual caveat -- there's no reason an LP should sound better than a 
> CD except for bad or primative/early CD mastering. Almost every LP 
> I've bought new in the last 5 years was not out on CD (either out of 
> print or never issued) or was done horribly on CD.
> -- Tom Fine

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