Does anybody else here stream Mike Malloy off the Nova M site ? If so,do you know who did that "My God Is Better Than Your God" song they sometimes play instead of the top of the hour news ?


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From: "Karl Miller" 
> [T]he head of the board supposedly said something like the programming should
be designed to attract donations. While there are no simple answers, one could
assume, that the primary purpose of the organization was to raise money...but to
what end? So it could raise more money? Is there ever enough money for a
> Disgraceful? Yes, but for me, it is equally absurd and sad.
But...inevitable when/if such entities are operated and controlled
by human beings!

Sadly, we come "from the factory" with an active and instinctive
dominance hierarchy...and the only improvement we have made over
the last many millennia is to (or so we hope) replace actual
physical battles for higher rank with figurative "battles" with
a clear, demonstrable outcome ($, acres, feet high, m.p.h. usw.)

It all goes back to the old competition of "Mine's bigger than

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