No clue,I just run into them at the flea market and record shows a lot.I know this guy who comes to the flea market,with his son,the son is about twelve,and is a bigger vinyl nut than the dad,so some of it may be parents.I recall a photo that ran in Goldmine,from about 1989,of a guy reading Goldmine to his baby,with a caption of "Start "em young,and start "em right.".
This site  
is run by a guy who is about 20,21, who lives in Holland,and is devoted entirely to pre-1956 Lps,and a few 78s.Apparently the pickings are much better over there,than here in the picked over US,or even in neighboring countries,like Germany or France.Don't forget vinyl never went away.The underground/indie vinyl scene has been big continually since the late 70s.This helps fuel interest in rock/r&b.Hip hop has always been all about the vinyl.


"D. Blake Werts" <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Are you seeing an influx of younger collectors?  If so, the question is
indeed a very good one!  Where/how are they coming from?

- Blake

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> Makes you wonder where all those 20 something classical vinyl collectors I
see came from...
>                               Roger

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