While I have never looked at a CD reissue of any of these records,or read any lengthy histories,of the NYPO,this is the first I have heard of Lewisohn Stadium.The name never appeared on any original Lp.I would venture to say,there are a lot of people,who came to classical record collecting,after 1973, who have never heard of it either.

Articles on Lewisohn Stadium,can be found at:

See how easy it is to find stuff,when you have the proper search terms ?

Eric Goldberg <[log in to unmask]> wrote: You are correct sir. Lewisohn Stadium was on the campus of City 
College in NYC, specifically on 135th Street. The orchestra consisted 
mostly of NY Philharmonic players but they were augmented by players 
from the Metropolitan Opera, which did not have a summer season in 
the 60s when I attended a couple of hundred concerts at the Stadium. 
There were also a number of freelance players. Often the 3rd chairs 
of the NYPO played the 1st chair during the summer, so Paige Brook 
was the flutist instead of John Wummer and freelancer, and orchestra 
contractor Loren Glickman played second bassoon in place of Frank 
Ruggieri who played in an orchestra near his summer home in New 
Jersey (how's that for esoteric information???)

I fondly remember Brahms and Beethoven festivals conducted by Joseph 
Krips and guest appearances by conductors like Vladimir Golschmann, 
the up and coming Seiji Ozawa, Alfredo Antonini, and composers such 
as Stravinsky, Copland, Walton, and every year the season ended with 
a 'surprise" appearance of Richard Rodgers.

Saturdays were reserved for "pops concerts" with artists such as Jose 
Greco and Earl Wild playing Gershwin. Tickets were very cheap 
although my friends and I usually rustled up some passes from the 
orchestra members.

I believe that the Stadium Symphony that recorded for Everest was the 
regular personel of the New York Philharmonic.

Eric Goldberg

>Lewisohn Stadium, no? Didn't the NYPhil. play there in summer?
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>>  what is the origin of the name "Stadium Symphony",and why was it used?
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