I went and dug them out.I have three Music Appreciation Records by Szell,one is the Mozart 39,with an analysis on the back.The second one is MAR 26,the Bach Suite No 3 For Orchestra(Columbia stamper),and the other is The Firebird Suite  MAR 5611,simply credited as  "Symphony Orchestra" with Szell."PB" logo in stamper.On side two,is the Stravinsky Duo Concertant,with Louis Kaufman,and Helene Pignari.These are in paper covers.I also have a 1957 Music Appreciation Records issue,MAR 577, of the 1951 Otto Klemperer Beethoven "Pastoral", recorded for Vox.This is the only record I have seen which has the logos of the original label,prominently on the cover and label.

                                          Roger Kulp
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> BTW,I also have a George Szell MAS Lp of two Mozart Symphonies,also credited as "The Music Appreciation
> Symphony Orchestra",which I have not been able to find in any discography.

Two? There is the Mozart 39, which is listed in the discography section of Donald Rosenberg's book about the Cleveland Orch. I wasn't aware of another Mozart symphony. Which one is it? Very curious.

BTW, it was the Real Cleveland Orchestra that did those recordings.

Lani Spahr.

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