No you don't.There are easier ways of doing this,than sending out CDs.Post a "video" on YouTube,or an MP3,or video on MySpace,and send out a mass email linking to it.A video can be something as simple,as an MP3,with a photo,of the CD/ record cover.


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The "eternal" term for sound-recording copright applies (so far) only
in the USA...the UK recently elected NOT to increase their term, which
seems to apply in the EU and the Commonwealth (a more reasonable 50 years).
And most of this was done to protect a mere handful of saleable recordings
(mainly Elvis Presley, who started to slide into p.d. this past year!).

However, a future without record companies (or whatever their digital
equivalent will turn out to be) also seems somewhat impractical. I can
promote my two CD's on my web site (one of a hundred million or so
sites)...but that requires the potential customers to have a reason
to visit the site. Since the CD's are in a niche genre (blues)...what
I would need to do is to mail out "promo" copies to every station
(electromagnetic-wave radio AND net-based "radio") in hopes it will
be heard and folks will like the music enough to do a web search for
a source (or that the deejays will tell their listeners where
to look...?!). As it is, the now-vanishing model has "record companies"
mailing out promo copies...and, through a web of distributors, making
their "product" available in both "record stores" and general-merchandise
stores/chains that sell CD's. Note that as a relative unknown, I can't
access this distribution web...!

Steven C. Barr

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