There is a thrift store I go to,that is one of only two left here in Albuquerque that still gets in "new" vinyl.They don't get a lot in,but it it still worth going there every 2-3 weeks.(I can recall when they were getting so much in,I went to most of the thrift stores,every 3-4 days.)I can recall,when I used to pass these Music Appreciation record up,without a second glance,I recall articles from TAS making fun of them,it wasn't until I had an appreciable classical collection,the thrift stores,and vinyl therein both became less and less,that I began to pay attention to them.

 Anyways,I went to said store today,and I saw the Music Appreciation Society New World Symphony,with Bernstein's analysis,issued in the cover with the fancy book on it.I passed on it,as there were a couple of nasty scratches,going across each side.I looked it up,over at,and this is the entry:
 Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Op. 95, "From the New World"
  Stadium Concerts Symphony Orchestra 07/28/53: New York, Lewisohn Stadium Decca (BOM): Mar-37 
  What does BOM mean here ? Book of The Month Club ? Why do they have no Decca catalogue number for this,like they do for everything else ? Does this mean it was recorded under Decca's auspices,and not issued by them ?What's with the "Mar-37"? You think I ought to go back and buy it ? BTW,the link there is to Amazon,to buy the 1962 recording, not this one.


Richard Warren <[log in to unmask]> wrote: For David Lennick,

The tape-to-disc transfer numbers on DL-9715 are, on Yale's copy, MG 
3351 T9 and MG 3552 T4; the original DGG number was 18246.


At 05:07 PM 1/31/2007, you wrote:
>Stan Punzel wrote:
>>Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
>>>Sorry,can't help you there.It wasn't until I spent some time over at
>>> ,that I realized the Music 
>>>Appreciation Society record,was indeed a reissue.I have over 100 
>>>of these pre-stereo US Deccas,but I have never seen this one.The 
>>>MAS issue,which dates from 1957,itself not that easy a find,is 
>>>well worth picking up.The analysis record,usually throwaway 
>>>junk,is by Bernstein himself at the piano.As far as I know,this is 
>>>otherwise unissued.It may be a little bonus he recorded for 
>>>Columbia,as they were wont to do in the 6-eye mono era,but decided 
>>>not to release.They credit it,as Leonard Bernstein and The  Music 
>>>Appreciation Symphony Orchestra,BTW.It was also pressed on better 
>>>vinyl,than Decca used at the time.
>>>                                     Roger Kulp
>>This has been reissued as part of the DG Original Master series. 
>>All of the MAS recordings with the analysis are included. The 
>>recordings are: Beethoven Eroica, Dvorak New World, Schumann 2nd, 
>>Brahms 4th and Tchaikovsky 6th.  I'm not sure how DG ended up with 
>>them, but there they are....
>>Stan Punzel
>Simple..Decca (both US and UK) have long been part of the Universal 
>Music Group which also owns DG, Philips, Verve, MGM, Mercury, and 
>just about every other label not currently controlled by EMI, Warner 
>Music or SonyBMG.
>Any chance the DG reissue lists the Decca matrix numbers I'm looking for?
>>>David Lennick  wrote: If anyone has a copy 
>>>of Decca DL 9715, or even a reference to it, could you please let 
>>>me know the matrix numbers? Ruppli doesn't list anything for Decca 
>>>classical LPs and I have the disc only on a Music Appreciation 
>>>reissue. It's Schumann's Symphony #2 in C, Leonard Bernstein & the 
>>>Stadium Concerts Orchestra (New York Philharmonic).
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