This one comes from The Netherlands...

 "Some record companies (read Universal) have a strange policy when it 
 comes to deleting their most interesting series from their catalogue. 
 Philips Dutch masters, (blink and you missed them), Great pianists of 
 the 20th century (now you see them .... now you don't) and the re-issue  
 of several Westminster items, which master-tapes Universal apparently owns.
  After I discovered that this series existed, it disappeared from the catalogues 
 again..... So, if you don't want to wait before it is released again, here is 
 a fine 1954 Westminster LP of Beethoven's 4th and 5th symphony, conducted 
 by Hermann Scherchen.  " 


In other words,if you want to be guaranteed of getting the stuff,it's best to stick with the vinyl,like I do.

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