As I said,there are non-US websites,where you can buy almost any reissue CD you want,if you bother to look.I knew someone who was looking for Master's Apprentices (Aussie hard rock band of the late 60s-Mid 70s,very popular.),and Cor de Groot,now that the Japanese EMI,and Dutch Philips CDs are long deleted.With no effort,at all,I was able to find,they are currently avaliable,from Red Eye (Australia),and Appian Publications (UK) respectively,,and sold internationally on their websites.The indies like this,provide a much better service than the majors,who are part of The Corporate Borg.These companies are often run by collectors who love the music,and want to keep it out there,for the music-buying public.


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From: "Tom Fine" 
> My main point was, since Universal is a global company, it's dumb not to have
some sort of facility
> for global release, or at least make sure to include release in the country of
origin (most of the
> Sonet jazz albums were recorded in USA, although a couple were recorded in
Sweden). Or, in worst
> case, make everything iTunes available (at inferior sound quality,
unfortunately) and release the
> physical CD's in countries where they are likely to sell enough to justify the
> inventory/manufacturing costs.
The main reason they don't is also the main reason we collectors might be
able to create a web-based facility similar to what is described...?!

Remember that virtually everywhere EXCEPT the US of A, the copyright laws
haven't yet been tailored to RIAA's the concept of a copyright
term for sound recordings that can best be described as "Eternity, or the
first day the sun rises in the west and sets in the east..." doesn't apply
in most "elsewheres"...!

In these days of terabyte hard drives, it might be possible to provide
CD-fidelity .wav files...?

Steven C. Barr

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