"The Messiah",by Scherchen,comes in a nice white leatherbound volume.I have one.The ones I regret not buying when I saw it,was the blue clothbound Westminster sets of the Scherchen Haydan London Symphonies.I used to see labeless black "opera boxes" at thrift stores,when schools dumped their records at thrift stores,but that hasn't been for a few years,so I know they sold them.


David Lennick <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Unhinged is okay, although sometimes the two halves tend to go their separate 
ways. One never knows. This request was prompted by my finding the Westminster 
set of Handel Op. 6 (Scherchen) in a 6-pocket album with those solid covers of 
the same material they use to make clipboards.


Steven Smolian wrote:
> I think at one time they were made, unhinged, by the company that did 
> Ampex's boxes in Opalaika, AL.  When I needed tape boxes made for 10" 
> reels, they came through for me a couple of times and also had a 
> warehouse with leftovers in various sizes from other box orders.  You 
> may get lucky.
> They were acquired, as is the way of the world, as you may have 
> noticed.  I don't know their new name but they are one of the big 
> industries in town.
> Steve Smolian
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>> While we're on the subject of LP albums, does anyone know of a source 
>> for LP boxes..the kind that would hold 3 or 4 LPs, like an opera set? 
>> Not shipping boxes. Bags Unlimited doesn't have anything like 
>> this..the only multiple units they have are 2-LP jackets. They were 
>> still being manufactured in the 90s for Laserdisc sets (Dawn of Sound 
>> etc).
>> dl
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