The only other Levantophile, probably more devoted to Oscar than I is Michael Feinstein. Many years ago Michael made some dubs of lacquers of Oscar's music...some of which is pretty good.
  Over the years I have acquired many recordings of broadcast performances of his and I believe I have copies of all of his commercial recordings. Feel free to contact me off list if you want copies.
  Karl (also 59 and Oscar and I share the same birthday...not the same year however) 

Darlene Brandt <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
  In searching for available recordings of Oscar Levant, I came upon a question asked about his opera, Carnaval, on ARSCLIST, and in following the correspondence, found that someone mentioned that he had recordings of Levant and asked if anyone were interested in Levant.

I have been interested in Oscar Levant's music and recordings since the age of 5, (I'm 59) but there is very little I can find. I am especially looking for his recording of the Grieg Piano Concerto. Anyone else a Levantphile?


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