This is from inner sleeves not bags.


Mike Richter <[log in to unmask]> wrote: D. Blake Werts wrote:
> This talk about the storage of CDs and LPs has me thinking...  Are there any
> known issues with the storage of LPs in "plastic" bags?  I have been using
> some of the nice re-sealable sleeves made available through Far West Record
> Supply (polypropylene?) and wondered if I will be causing damage in the long
> term with these?
> Any advice or experience that you can offer?
> Thanks Much!
> D. Blake Werts

It depends on the plastic.

We 'spoke' some time ago about plasticizer leaching out of some plastics 
to clog the LP grooves. Even a light coating is lethal and it cannot be 
removed without etching the vinyl. I've several old European EMIs that 
died that unfortunate death.

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