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Here's a brief list of some of the highlights in "Turntable Treasures" which is our latest auction:

* Five inch concert cylinders
* Brown wax cylinders, including another North American example
* A selection of unusual cylinders of many types
* A collection of early and unusual British labels
* Over 100 Victor Grand Prize discs
* Many historical, personality and popular vocal 78s
* Back issues of various record collectors magazines
* Out-of-print phonograph and record research books
* Needle tins and envelopes, colorful record dusters
* A special section of Jazz and Blues Rarities
* Hundreds of jazz 78s, including a long run of Jelly Roll Morton
* Lots of jazz magazines, booklets and discographies
* Beautiful hardback editions of jazz artist biographies
* Jazz 45 rpm EPs and 10" LPs
* Dance bands of the 1920s and 1930s
* Hit-of-the-Week collection, part 2, including some very late issues
* Military and concert bands
* Popular piano and instrumental solos
* Record sleeves and empty Victor storage albums
* Foreign and ethnic selections
* The new "Classical Curiosities" section
* Acoustic and electric classical vocal selections
* Cylinders, mostly Edison two minute
* Over 150 used Edison Diamond Discs, good titles
* And the highlight - more of the electric and acoustic Edison Diamond Discs, brand new and unplayed, fresh from an early Edison dealers new-old stock.

Visit our website at for a picture gallery of some of the highlights.

If you are already on our mailing list, your copy of the auction will be arriving in your mailbox within a few days.  If you are not on our mailing list and would like a complimentary copy, just email us with your postal address and we'll mail a copy to you right away.  Sorry, we do not send out this auction by email - it is 60 pages long!

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Tom Hawthorn
Hawthorn's Antique Audio
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