Hi Guys,

I'm trying to locate information on a set of Winston Churchill's wartime speeches that was issued in the U.K. on the plain black Argo or Decca label in a 10 to 12 disc box set.  It only covered the WWII era as I remember and was in great sound with no added effects.  The main library in Nashville had a set once but I think they purged themselves of all the vinyl in the 90s and this went also.  I'd like the correct title of the set and the issue information.  

There is also a 12 disc set on London titled "Winston Churchill - His Memoirs & Speeches 1918-1945" that turns up on e-bola from time to time.  I have an LP single that might have been derived from this set which has actual contemporary speech exerpts interspersed with what sounds like later re-recordings of some speeches with added music.  There is also a slight bit of echo added.  If this is indicative of the complete 12 disc set then I'd pass on it.  Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the case?  Winston's picture appears on the top half of the labels on both the 12 disc set and the single LP.  


Martin Fisher