Perhaps it goes to the heart of things. We all tend to pay grotesque
salaries to people who do jobs most of us won't touch. Garbage men ?
Really good sales people ? In the companies I've worked for, you had to
pay serious money for them. You hated doing it, but what they brought
into the company in sales made paying them VERY unreasonable money,
well, unavoidable. Simple business equation. They created nothing....
Except vast incoming cash flow. The creative folks actually creating
products, well, I guess there just isn't much glamour in being creative.

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Tom Fine wrote:
>...someone expecting CEO style compensation should go work as a CEO in 
>the private sector.

Unfortunately many institutions are severely underfunded so the main job
of a director becomes raising money. The people who are really good at
this frequently work for the highest bidder. I'm not saying there aren't
gross abuses however these kinds of figures taken outside the context of
fund raising can be deceiving.

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