Hi David,

So far I have the following ads for the Winter 2007 Newsletter.  Let me know if you are lacking graphics for any of them.  

      AaronCoe/CuttingCorporation 1/4 page 
      Allan Sutton/Mainspring Press Fullpage 
      Marion Oyer/BagsUnlimited 1/2 page 
      GeorgeBloodAudio,L.P. 1/4 page 
      MetalEdge/BobHenderson 1/2 page 

Metal Edge/Bob Henderson wants to continue with the same graphics used last time.  

Allan Sutton was to send graphics but I never received any and haven't been able to contact for the past few days.



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  Hi all,

  The ARSC Newsletter deadline is the 10th (Saturday). If you were 
  preparing anything please send it to me by Monday or drop me an email 
  and let me know when I might expect it.

  David Seubert