At 05:10 PM 2007-02-09, David Lennick wrote:
>Not even remotely good English..the quote said 
>"monetize that audience". We're dealing with morons, people.
>mon·e·tize  (mn-tz, mn-)
>tr.v. mon·e·tized, mon·e·tiz·ing, mon·e·tiz·es
>1. To establish as legal tender.
>2. To coin (money).
>3. To convert (government debt) from securities 
>into currency that can be used to purchase goods and services.

You have provided the traditional definition (and 
the 2nd ed. of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary is 
similar), but MBA schools (I first heard this 
from a Northwestern MBA candidate about 5-6 years 
ago) also means "To turn anything into money", as stated below.

The way it might be used is in a business 
meeting, "That's a great idea, but how do we monetize it?"

Different disciplines develop their own 
vocabulary. I'm sure an MBA wouldn't understand 
about a stylus to play a stamper...I'm not sure 
they are morons, they are just using their own vertical culture as we all do.

With all that said, I don't like the concept that 
everything has to be monetized, but now we are way off-topic and I'll shut up.



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