Hi, Marcos.

We are fortunate to have original square tin boxes for storing our
transcription discs. These hold several discs which we separate using
Tyvek. They feature a central bolt that passes through the discs and
supports them in the middle so no other part of the disc bears any
weight.  The lacquer over the edge of a transcription disc can be very
thin. The weight of a 16 inches disc on this may, over time, trigger
cracking or delamination.

All the best
Nigel Champion
Archive of Maori & Pacific Music
The University of Auckland

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Dear all,

I am currently surveying a collection of 1950s 16" transcription discs.
They have been stored flat in foil-lined paper sleeves and are generally
in pretty good shape.

I have two questions for those with the knowledge:

1. Are there storage concerns specific for 16-inchers? Does their extra
mass affect the recommendation for vertical storage (for example,
shelving with dividers closer together)?

2. Is anyone familiar with foil-lined sleeves? I have not seen any
imprinting or other problems with the discs, but is there concern of
outgassing or any other problems? Would you recommend something a little

Thank you in advance to all of you.


Marcos Sueiro Bal
Audio/Moving Image Project Archivist
Columbia University Libraries