We are pleased to inform you that our "Documentation Sciences Foundation"
has been included in the ARCA project (Congress-academy articulation)
which is promoted and directed by the Senate of the Republic of Colombia.
The aim of this project is to provide greater transparency to the law
creation process by the active participation of universities,
institutions, thought centers, observatories and civil community academic
organizations which will have the opportunity to contribute their ideas
and knowledge.

Thanks to this contribution and due to the fact that the city of Bogotá
(Colombia) will be setting of multiple cultural programs in the context of
the city having been named "Latin-American Capital of Culture in 2007" by
UCC, and "World Capital of the Books" by UNESCO, the Documentation
Sciences Foundation is organizing together with Archiblios Foundation
(Colombia), with the back up and participation of the Senate of the
Republic of Colombia, an "International Exhibition and Conferences of
Archives" in Bogotá from 23rd to 27th May, 2007.

The Honorific Presidents of this event are Dra. Dilian Francisca Toro
Torres, Chairwoman of the Honorable Senate of the Republic of Colombia,
and from Spain, the scientist and treatise writer of "Documentation
Sciences" Dra. Emilia Curras, among other personalities in the Honor
Committee - Dr. Antonia Heredia Herredia, Dr. Alfredo Cuello Baute
(President of the Honorable Cámara de Representantes of the Republic of
Colombia), and others who are also prestigious personalities in the
archival, academic and scientific world of Latin-America, Spain and


1- To show the advancement and management of archives (any format and
type) in Europe and Spain taking them as reference for current and future
development of archives in Colombia and Latin-America, thus being able to
improve the quality of the archival task in all our Latin-American
peoples. To have the opportunity to broaden the scientific knowledge that
is involved in the Documentation Sciences by means of forums, conferences
and a graphic, photographic, bibliographic exhibition, as well as high
technology equipment for the development and improvement of archives.

2- To allow event participants to establish a reference framework for the
archival management performed in Spanish, Latin-American and Colombian

3- To put pressure on our governments, administrations and politicians,
drawing their attention with proselytizing, philosophical and
epistemological activities, so that they understand the importance of
archives in the economic, cultural and welfare development of our
societies and begin to improve the archive economic conditions and their


This is why we are pleased to invite you to participate and spread the
word among all your collaborators, similar institutions, friends,
university professors and students so that we are able to gather a
cultural and social International Archives and Information Society

If you are a NOT COMMERCIAL INSTITUTION, we would also like to invite you
to send us any kind of material -neither returnable nor commercial-
related to the Exhibition and which you would like to show in this
international mega event.


The conferences and the exhibition will take place in the "Cultural Center
New Santa Fe", in center of Bogota. In the "National Capitol" the
diplomatic acts of Excol'07 will be made. You can send "papers online" for
the presential conferences (only those entities who will be present in the

For further information in English, please visit:


Javier M.
Information Department
Documentation Sciences Foundation
Protectorate - Spanish Ministry of Culture
Phone: +34 927 416 606