I remember having this argument with ALA Publications back when AACR2 was still that weird color of brown!  Why they don't understand that they sell a bunch of them EVERY September and January is beyond me!

Anaclare Evans <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
  One of my students just purchased AACR2 2002 with updates from
within the last week. She said there were still several copies available.
For an extra cost she had it shipped overnight and had it with her in class
on Tuesday evening. Our bookstore had a good stock of copies in time for
the beginning of the semester--but we did place our request in August for

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Last time I checked, AACR2 (2002 with updates), both new and used, was 
still available on and Anyone ordering from these 
sources should double-check the edition; many copies of old editions are 
also advertised.

At 12:24 PM 1/24/2007, you wrote:
>To avoid cluttering the list with individual replies, let me thank all of 
>you for the sympathy. In some perverse way I'm happy to know my students 
>are not alone and that ALA Editions is not responding to the obvious 
>seasonal trend in their sales. We are clearly not appreciated as a 
>reliable customer base for AACR2.
>We do indeed have Cataloger's Desktop, though nowhere near enough 
>simultaneous uses to replace requiring the paper textbook. And since we 
>share the subscription with the library, we don't have full control over 
>it and things go wrong. In the past three months we've had a subscription 
>lapse and (worse) a later technical glitch on LC's side that claimed our 
>subscription was cancelled for *three weeks.* I can't feel warm fuzzies 
>about its reliability for teaching.
>All in all, I prefer the paper AACR2 as a teaching tool, because the 
>students can physically manipulate it, and mark it up to appropriate it 
>for their own use. I think it "studies" better on the dining room table 
>with a notepad and hot cup of tea, no computer mediation needed. Some 
>students who bought their copies used from other students were pleased 
>that the copies came "pre-dog-eared" with handy post-its and flags. (The 
>student who had the dumb e-mail from ALA Editions cancelled the order and 
>quickly bought and received a used copy from a fellow student.)
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