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Resource Center: African Americans

Biography Resource Center: African Americans includes more than 30,000 biographies on over 24,000 notable African Americans who have had an impact on society and are frequently researched. Drawn from the Biography Resource Center, the database includes 60 volumes of six respected Thomson Gale reference sources such as Contemporary Black Biography, Notable Black American Women, Who's Who Among African Americans, and other titles. 
Biography Resource Center: African Americans also includes more than 42,000 full-text articles from nearly 300 magazines, as well as nearly 2,000 images. 

Designed to provide easy access to biographies on prominent African
Americans associated with the arts, business, current events,
entertainment, government, history, literature, multicultural studies,
politics, science, and sports, Biography Resource Center: African
Americans gives researchers a comprehensive set of in-depth narrative
biographies providing overviews of the subjects' lives and
accomplishments, and thousands of thumbnail biographies. Covered are contemporary and historic figures such as Harriet Tubman, Tiger Woods, Rosa Parks, Usher, and Condoleezza Rice.
Magazine articles bring coverage of the African Americans up-to-date, and "Recent Update" windows display summaries of recent news events associated with particularly active individuals. Approximately 250 vetted Web links point to additional information.

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