EVENT: MetaArchive Distributed Digital Preservation Workshop

FOCUS: Provides information and training for institutions that seek 
to build or join distributed digital preservation networks based on 
the LOCKSS software.

DATES: May 30-June 1, 2007

LOCATION: Emory University, Atlanta, GA


AUDIENCE: Administrators and System Administrators from institutions 
seeking to build or join distributed digital preservation networks.

DESCRIPTION: Geared toward teams of administrators and system 
administrators, this workshop will provide information and 
specialized training for institutions seeking to build or join 
distributed digital preservation networks based on the LOCKSS software.

On the first day of the workshop, we will present key strategies for 
establishing a secure LOCKSS-based digital archive to teams of 
administrators and system administrators. The second and third days 
will train system administrators to implement a network and/or an 
individual node.

REGISTRATION: Participants may register for the entire three day 
workshop, or only the first day. Registration is limited to the first 
60 people to register. The Workshop registration fee is $150 for one 
day and $350 for three days. The fee includes breakfast, lunch, and 
an afternoon break for each day of the workshop. Transportation and 
accommodation costs are not covered by this registration fee.

Day One
(for teams of administrators and system administrators)
The first day of the workshop will help attendees to develop and 
strengthen their plans for distributed digital preservation. 
Presentations and discussions will address the organizational, legal, 
technical, and financial elements of digital preservation. Workshop 
instructors will share with attendees the policies and procedures 
utilized in MetaArchive, including its metadata conspectus tool, its 
Cooperative Charter document, and its Deposit Agreement template. 
During the day, workshop attendees will work with instructors to 
develop digital preservation plans that suit their specific 
implementation contexts.

Topics to be covered include:

     * Network context
     * Digital content selection processes
     * Metadata capture
     * Intellectual property issues
     * Content migration
     * Organizing a network (models)
     * Partnership management tools

Days Two and Three
(for system administrators)
The second and third days of the workshop are designed for system 
administrators. Workshop instructors will address the technical 
implementation of a distributed digital preservation network. 
Attendees will learn how to produce and manage private LOCKSS networks.

Topics to be covered include:

     * LOCKSS installation
     * Plug-in creation
     * Content preparation
     * Metadata management
     * Monitoring the cache
     * Recovering a node

HOSTS: The MetaArchive Cooperative is an independent, multi-state 
membership association whose purpose is to support, promote, and 
extend the MetaArchive approach to distributed digital preservation 
practices. (<> 
This approach relies upon a distributed preservation network 
infrastructure that is based on the LOCKSS software 
(<> The MetaArchive 
Cooperative began as a collaborative venture of Emory University, 
Auburn University, Florida State University, Georgia Institute of 
Technology, University of Louisville, Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
and State University, and the Library of Congress. The initiative 
began in 2004 as part of the National Digital Information 
Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) supported by the 
Library of Congress.  The MetaArchive Cooperative is responsible for 
maintaining and extending its methodology and approach to distributed 
digital preservation, as well as the specific MetaArchive networks 
that it hosts (e.g., the MetaArchive of Southern Digital Culture).

INTERESTED IN JOINING METAARCHIVE? For more information, please 
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Katherine Skinner, Ph.D.
Digital Projects Librarian
Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University
540 Asbury Circle, Atlanta GA 30322
404 783-2534, <mailto:[log in to unmask]>[log in to unmask]

Plato L. Smith II, Digital Initiatives Librarian
Florida State University Libraries
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