Dear list members


I was wondering if some one out there could help me.  


We in the National and University Library of Iceland, Manuscript Department, have built an in-house SQL database for describing and cataloguing our private and personal archives. And now we are in the process of making our finding aids in EAD style for each collection for web display.


My coworker, from the IT department, says that there is no need for making EAD_XML documents at this point. He says: We have no need for them and can just make them later. It is just enough to have them in HTML to display on the web.


So the questions are


1.      Way to make the EAD documents in XML, is there some need for that? 

2.      We have all the information in our SQL database and can make HTML documents for each collection, is that not enough? 

3.      Is it of any good for the user to have access to the XML document

4.      Is not just for you archivist and manuscripts people to have the documents in XML


With hope for some answers and maybe you could direct me to some papers or documents with some answers. 




Írn Hrafnkelsson


National and University Library of Iceland

Manuscript Department