$8 might be appropriate to use for that as it could link all notes about a particular format together and has a byte for reproduction. See:
Also, $8 would be consistent with its use in the MARC holdings format if we ever wanted to migrate some of that information to the holdings record.

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Maybe instead of a $5 in 8XX for the institution to which the field 
applies, we need a new subfield for the version to which the field 
applies?  Kind of like the $d that we have in the 6XX series authority 
fields which encodes volumes/dates to which the data in the field applies.

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On Mon, 26 Feb 2007, Renette Davis wrote:

> So the questions for this group are:
> 3. If we define a $5 to the 8XX fields (as we just did for 533 and 538), 
> would that make it more acceptable to add an 8XX for the series that applies 
> only to the electronic version to the print version record?