I got answers to my query.  Please don't bother to answer any more.

Thank you.


The DCM Z1 in PDF format is available on the PCC Web site NACO page
specifically at:  More
specifically the page you need for citing Internet resources begins on
p. 81 with an example oon p. 82.  On the NACO Home Page you will also
see FAQs on what BFM is and how to do it:

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	Hi David:
	Many times I feel that I am groping in dark for information.  I
am not successful all the time in using the Catalogers' desktop. 
	Today I cannot log into it at all.  Anita is not there today to
help me.  
	I would like to know if I should print out the copies of BFM,
Z1, etc., but since they area being updated constantly
	paper records may not be a good ides.  
	What is BFM? I don't even know what it is.

	I am trying to see the $u in the 670 field for referring to an
Internet resource. The examples in p.59 is not that helpful.

	Thanks David.



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