This message is to alert OCLC users of planned system maintenance over
the days March 23-25, 2007, which will impact all OCLC-NACO users.  


The current plan, which is subject to modification, is to disable the
ability for NACO users to add and/or update authority records using the
OCLC Connexion interfaces starting at approximately 9 p.m. Eastern
Daylight Time (EDT) on March 23.  

The capability to add and/or update authority records will be
re-instated at approximately 9 p.m. EDT on March 25.


During that time, OCLC will also suspend the loading of distributed
authority records from the Library of Congress, but will continue to
retrieve contribution files.


During the outage, users will continue to be able to: 

*	search and browse the LC Names and Subjects authority files, 
*	search and browse the LC Names and Subjects history files, 
*	create new authority records, 
*	edit existing authority records, 
*	lock existing authority records, 
*	saving new and/or modified authority records to online and/or
local files, 
*	submit new and/or modified authority records for peer review, 
*	control headings using existing records in the LC Names and/or
Subjects authority files, 
*	export authority records, 
*	print authority records


Should a user attempt to add and/or replace a master authority record
during the outage, a message will be displayed to the user: 

*	Connexion client (1.60 or 1.70) will return the message "An
error has occurred..." if either the Add record or Replace record is
invoked.  If the user attempts to add a record from either the online or
local save file, other error messages may be presented.  
*	Connexion browser will return the messages  "Add failed " or
"Replace failed " , depending on the action selected by the user.

Should any type of error message be returned, the user can choose to
save the record to the online or local save file, or cancel changes.  



During the period of outage, a system alerts message will also be


Should you need additional information or assistance, please feel free
to contact me directly. 


Thank you,

--Becky Dean


Phone: (800)848-5878, ext. 5144

Email: [log in to unmask]

Fax: (614) 718-7362 




Luanne Goodson, OCLC NACO Coordinator

Quality Control Section; WorldCat Mgmt. Div.