Tor Arne Dahl writes:
 > 1. The profile is based on the NorZIG Z39.50 profile, and we design the 
 > SRU profile to support for the same kind of queries as the Z39.50 
 > profile. Many of the necessary indexes are defined in the Bath, CQL, 
 > Dublin Core and Record Metadata context sets, but we had to create a 
 > NorZIG context set to define all required indexes (series title and 
 > corporate and conference name, for example). Since our first draft, the 
 > CQL Bibliographic Searching Proposal has been published on the SRU 
 > website. Many of the indexes from the NorZIG context set are defined in 
 > the bib context set described in this document, so we would rather use 
 > them than create our own.

I am very pleased to hear it!  If you have any remaining indexes in
the NorZIG context set, perhaps you would propose them here for
inclusion in one of the other existing sets?

 > 2. A context set has a short name and a unique identifier. According to 
 > the documentation on the website (<URL: 
 > >): "These short 
 > names may be sent as a mapping within the query itself (see next), or be 
 > published by the recipient of the query in some protocol dependent 
 > fashion." Is the IndexInfo part of the Explain document such a mapping 
 > "published by the recipient of the query in some protocol dependent 
 > fashion"?

Yes, precisely.  (In fact, AFAIK it's the _only_ such "protocol
dependent fashion" -- that clause smells of over-generality to me.)

 > Does it mean that all short names described in the Explain 
 > document can be used directly without binding them to URIs in the query? 


 > My interpretation is that such a binding in the query is
 > useful/necessary only when the client wants to use a different
 > short name for a context set than what the server has defined. Is
 > that a reasonable interpretation?

Yes.  Or the client might want to extablish a short name corresponding
to a context-set URI that is not mentioned at all in the Explain
record; or might just not want to bother thinking about what's in the
Explain record.

 > 3. We want to publish the NorZIG context set when version 1.0 is
 > ready.  This can be done by providing the information to the SRU
 > maintenance agency, according to the website. Is there an official
 > way to register the URI for the context set?

Others will have to answer that, but may I just say that I'd love to
see a situation where there is no need for a separate NorZIG set.

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