Thanks for all the answers to my questions about profiles and context set.

On 22.03.2007 15:39, Mike Taylor wrote:
> Tor Arne Dahl writes:
>  > 1. The profile is based on the NorZIG Z39.50 profile, and we design the 
>  > SRU profile to support for the same kind of queries as the Z39.50 
>  > profile. Many of the necessary indexes are defined in the Bath, CQL, 
>  > Dublin Core and Record Metadata context sets, but we had to create a 
>  > NorZIG context set to define all required indexes (series title and 
>  > corporate and conference name, for example). Since our first draft, the 
>  > CQL Bibliographic Searching Proposal has been published on the SRU 
>  > website. Many of the indexes from the NorZIG context set are defined in 
>  > the bib context set described in this document, so we would rather use 
>  > them than create our own.
> I am very pleased to hear it!  If you have any remaining indexes in
> the NorZIG context set, perhaps you would propose them here for
> inclusion in one of the other existing sets?

OK, here are the 11 indexes in the draft version of a NorZIG context 
set, followed by a description in brackets:

creatorConference (A conference name identified as the author)
creatorCorporate (An organization or a group of people that is 
identified as the author)
creatorNormalized (A personal or corporate author, or a conference or 
meeting name, in normalized form)
creatorPersonalNameNormalized (An author's personal name in normalized form)
dewey (A classification number from the Dewey Decimal Classification)
docid (An identifier or Doc-ID, assigned by a server, that uniquely 
identifies a document on that server)
nationalBibliographyNumber (Character string that uniquely identifies a 
record in a national bibliography)
personalNameNormalized	(A person's name in normalized form)
remoteSystemClassificationNumber (A local classification number from a 
system not specified elsewhere in the Bib-1 attribute set)
titleSeries (Collective title applying to a group of separate, but 
related, items)
udc (A classification number from the Universal Decimal Classification)

Some of the indexes seem to be included in the proposed bib context set:

norzig.creatorConference -> bib.nameConference
norzig.creatorCorporate -> bib.nameCorporate
norzig.titleSeries -> bib.titleSeries

norzig.docid and norzig.nationalBiographyNumber can probably be replaced 
by dc.identifier with the bib.identifierAuthority relation modifier. 
Which values could be used for the modifier in these cases?

norzig.dewey, norzig.remoteSystemClassificationNumber and norzig.udc can 
probably be replaced by bib.classification and some kind of 
bib.classAuthority relation modifier. Are there any suggestions about 
how this can be done?

The last three indexes specify normalized forms of personal names (i.e. 
last name, first name(s)). This isn't mentioned in the CQL bibliographic 
searching proposal. Do you think it's a bad idea to create these indexes?

I'm also wondering about the dc.creator index in CQL bibliographic 
searching. With the different name indexes and relation modifiers 
defined in the bib context set, does it mean that dc.creator never 
should be used?

Tor Arne Dahl

Tor Arne Dahl
Oslo University College
Faculty of Journalism, Library and Information Science