Rob Sanderson writes:
 > >  > > In a ZeeRex-profile SRU application that we are just
 > >  > > finishing off now, we need to search for targets by country
 > >  > > of origin and bny library type (academic, public, legal,
 > >  > > etc.)
 > >  > > 
 > >  > > I can't find any appropriate CQL indexes for either of these
 > >  > > in any of the existing sets.
 > >  >
 > >  > Given 'library-type' I assume the latter.  Which to me is a
 > >  > collection description issue, not a service description issue,
 > >  > and hence not a problem that ZeeRex tries to solve at that
 > >  > level of granularity.
 > > 
 > > With my Stern Academic's hat on, I agree.  With my Need To Get
 > > Stuff Done hat on, I don't.  We both know that the purity of the
 > > ZeeRex record as a service-description-and-nothing-else is
 > > already hopelessly compromised by not just a few but many of the
 > > included fields.  The ones I am describing here are entirely
 > > analogous to (for example) the databaseInfo section's
 > > description, author, extent, etc.
 > The addition of extra elements into databaseInfo I have no problem
 > with.  As you say, we've already opened the door pretty wide as it
 > is, and we specifically allow for extensions that don't obscure the
 > core ZeeRex elements.

OK.  Of course, we're already using an extension for this.  But the
question is whether these elements are useful enough to others that
they should be a added to the ZeeRex schema (version 2.1?)

 > On the other hand, I think that the zeerex context set is not the
 > place for those fields to be searchable from.  Is there a problem
 > with creating a new context set for them?

I think it would be silly to make a new context set to hold indexes
used for searching elements in the ZeeRex record.  What would you call
it, the ZeeRex2 context set?  :-)  But I agree that, as always, we
should re-use indexes already defined in other sets if they exist.

 > For country: dc.publisher?

No, that's not even close!  :->>

 > Or bib.originPlace ? (I'm less convinced about this, I admit)

What is the current status of the bib set?  Depending on the
definition, this one might work.

 > publisherType, I can't find any existing index that's even close.

Well, then ...

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