The servers listed on this page do not represent all the existing implementations, more so just the sources of systems and test servers.  See for example the following presentation from Finland about NELLI:  The Finns have written an extension to Metalib so that it can act as an SRU client.  This has been taken up by other Metalib sites such as the University of Amsterdam for interfacing with PiCarta, the Dutch union catalogue service (
Also note that it is possible to embed an SRU query on any web page as a discrete URL, therefore there is no software barrier to becoming an SRU client.  This is a huge step over Z39.50.
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The only places I know to look for SRU services are at and the European Library. Most partners of the European Library have one or more SRU interfaces. You should ask the people of the European Library to provide the link to the complete list.


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I'm a librarian student at the ENSSIB.
With two friends, we're working on a bibliography (we have to comment) about SRU/SRW and their uses in libraries and academic portal.
Eric Lease Morgan has suggest us to post our question here. So :

Except TEL, it look's that SRU/SRW isn't yet a lot in use. But we've perhaps not look in the good places.
Should it be possible to you to give us some tracks to be followed ?
Thank's a lot

PS : I send you below what we've already found about our subject.
PS 2 : please reply to [log in to unmask]

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