Martin -- If what you're trying to do is include record level metadata with a response record it's a fairly straightforward process.   Use the extraRecordData parameter which you'll see described in the parameter table in the result set model section (that you cited), more fully described at
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Subject: Record Metadata Schema (was Re: "collection" context set)

I think we could also make use of elements from the Record Metadata

Do you have any advice on how to combine elements from the RMS with the
standard SRU Result model,

At first glance, its not quite clear to me what the relationship between
these two things is.

Many thanks,


Rob Sanderson wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 12:28 +0000, Martin Morrey wrote:
>> Rob Sanderson wrote:
>>>> The aim of Intrallect's "collection" context set is to allow queries to
>>>> be limited to sub-collections within a repository. 
>>> How would that differ from 
>>> collectionName and collectionIdentifier in the record metadata context
>>> set?
>> I think it is the same thing.  Glad I asked!
> I think so too :)
> Rob

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