Thank you for taking the time to write the review. They look rather nice 
online, but I was afraid they'd be little more than decoration. I'll need 
something that will hold up, and not destroy my records. I suppose I'll keep 
looking, but thanks again for your help!


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>Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 08:29:03 -0400
>Last year I bought a Crosley radio/record player for my little corner of 
>house.  Everything about these units is cheap and flimsy, BUT:
>- It allows me to play, on the cheap, my already scratchy records I bought
>as a teenager in the pre-CD late 70s and early 80s, without all the hoopla
>and care I have to give to the recordings I work with as a professional (as
>fun as my profession can be, when I go home best practices stay, mostly, at
>the workplace).
>- It reminds me of a time when I put on a record and sat back and listened
>to it on my all-in-one Kmart special.  Side A, then Side B.  Sometimes I
>would get adventurous and listen to Side B first, and sometimes I
>unwittingly thought Side B was Side A (not until the CD reissue did I
>realize AC/DC's Back in Black started with "Hells Bells").  I like this
>because, as much as I appreciate the convenience of the downloaded iTune,
>there is absolutely nothing joyous about it for me (and something curiously
>Plus there's a fun lighted radio dial that my 1 1/2-year-old likes to play
>with.  The radio sounds nice, by the way, and the thing will play 78s, but 
>probably wouldn't even let it cast light on a 78 -- damage by suggestive
>If you want an easy way to listen to your old LPs and 45s that were better
>listened to than fetishized, it's fun.  If it's going to be your only way 
>play records, though, I'd probably hold off and shell out for a real rig.
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>Subject: [ARSCLIST] Crosley Radio
>I was looking around at some audio systems, today, hoping to find a new one
>for my home, when I ran across the rather attractive Crosley Radio,
>vintage-themed entertainment systems. I was wondering if anyone owns one of
>these, or has any firsthand experience with them, and if you would be
>willing to share your thoughts on them.
>Here is their website:
>Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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